Cheer Music Dictionary

Cheer Music Dictionary

Setting the standard for Cheer Music Production orders.

#Genre Definitions

Big Open EDM

Hardwell EDM

Big Room EDM

Piano House

Skrillex Dubstep

Happy Hardcore


Future House

Driving Rock

Piano / Ballad

#Synth Definitions

Single Note Lead

Big Open Chords

Big Open Chords (with Brass layer)

Electro Bass

Future House Bass

Dubstep Growl

Dubstep Wob

Dubstep Lead

#Tracking Email Template

Email Structure

Email Subject: Team Name - Tracking Request - Delivery Date / Rush (If Applicable)

Email Body: (Copy and Paste)

Mix Tempo (BPM)

Is there a theme ?

What does that team/coach/gym typically like from previous orders?

What does that team/coach/gym typically NOT like from previous orders?

How many 8 Counts total need to be tracked?

Section 1: Bars 2-4

Hit on 8 count 1, Hit on 3, Hit on 5, then Build Up

Section 2: Bars 4-8

4 on The Floor

and so on...

#Tracking Order Guidelines

Order Guidelines

  • Keep each notes section between 2-8 bars at a time. Be as clear as possible for each section if you need a level of detail, using notation like (example) "Bar 6 / Beat 5” referring to the 5th beat of 8 count number 6 of the mix (or referred to as measure 6 / count 5)

  • Use standardized genre or synth definitions from this site whenever possible, and when not using those, use linked YouTube references to best describe what you’re looking for. Make sure to include the exact timestamp of the video (i.e. 2:31) and best description of the sound / what you like about it. Obviously for special sections / themed mixes, other instruments will be referenced, so use your best judgement for those.

  • If you must send a streaming service link, please send it via Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify, and make sure to include the timestamp of the region (i.e. 2:31-2:45) and best description of the sound / what you like about that reference.

Rush Delivery:

If the order deadline date is within 24 hours of order submission, a 20% rush delivery fee will be added to the order total.

Why is this?

I try to return standard orders ASAP, often in less than 24hours. If the time comes that you *need* your order completed within 24 hours, the 20% additional fee justifies my personal time lost and additional ear fatigue.


All orders include revisions when required, on the condition that the revisions are submitted within 7 days of order delivery during the September through November busy season, and 14 Days of Delivery between the December and August off season. After the applicable revision time frame, that order is no longer eligible for revisions.

Why is this?

Because I fulfill 10-15 orders per week, this totals to ~20 orders every 2 weeks. If everyone started asking for revisions from orders placed a month ago, this would disrupt the rest of the clients with mixes already booked and create a metaphorical avalanche. We work in an industry based on trust and deadlines, I would be breaking both trust and deadlines at the same time if there was no revision ineligibility clause.